Masontops Complete Wide Mouth Mason Jar Fermentation Kit

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A complete kit of three of the most useful fermenting tools from Masontops so you can enjoy fuss free fermenting and help eliminate the risk of mould and unwanted bacteria.

The kit includes the renowned wide mouth Pickle Pipes which make for maintenance free fermenting by automatically venting fermentation gases without allowing oxygen to enter and spoil your ferment.

It also includes wide mouth Pickle Pebbles which are made from lead-free glass and used to weight your ferments down below the brine.

You also get the durable Pickle Packer which is made from untreated Acacia wood and its double-end design allows you tamper your vegetable ferments in a variety of different sized jars.

This kit will have you fermenting like a pro in no time!

4 x wide mouth Pickle Pipes
4 x wide mouth Pickle Pebbles
1 x Pickle Packer


Pickle Pipes = Wide Mouth 8.6cm

Pickle Pebbles = Wide Mouth 7cm

Pickle Packer = 25cm high x 6cm & 5cm diameter ends

1 review for Masontops Complete Wide Mouth Mason Jar Fermentation Kit

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Nigel (verified owner)

    This is beautifully packaged, and has become a must-have for my fermenting at home. Yes, I can make sauerkraut without this kit, but when I do, I always wish I could get more juice out of the cabbage.

    The Pickle Packer is made of beautiful Acacia wood, and it gets lots more juice out of the cabbage more quickly. This means, because I don’t have to add extra brine, I’m not using more salt than I want to. The Pickle Packer also pushes the cabbage really efficiently down into the jar, helping to bring all the juices to the top and get those vegetables below the liquid level.

    The Pickle Pebbles are another thing I’ve gone without until now. Every single time I’ve made sauerkraut, I’ve wished for weights, because I was sick of trying to stop cabbage floating to the surface. The glass pebble does a great job.

    The Pickle Pipes are my favourite part of the whole kit! Yes, I can burp my jars daily without an airlock, but they still explode from time to time. I love knowing that with this airlock, it’s set and forget. I’ve seen other airlocks that make fermentation look more like a science experiment than home made food!

    These are simple, and not intimidating at all. Also, they allow the jar to take up less space than the glass test tube-looking air locks I’ve seen.

    I love that they’re easy to clean and store, too. Basically, this kit solves all the annoying little issues about fermenting that I’d rather not deal with if I don’t have to. It also saves me lots and lots of time.

    The colour photo recipe because is a great touch. I was meaning to get a recipe book about fermentation, so this was a nice bonus of simple things to try out.

    I wouldn’t be without this kit, now. My only regret is that I didn’t get it sooner. I’ll be ordering more Pickle Pebbles and Pickle Pipes soon, so I can ferment lots of goodies at once.

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