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The amazing hemp seed is a powerhouse of nutrients with hemp being one of the most nutritious plants in the world.  The seeds themselves contain more Omega 3 and 6, gram for gram, than any other known whole food – even fish or other seeds like Flax and Chia!

They’re packed with protein and are the only food known to contain the same form of protein that our body uses for the immune system, Edestin and Albumin.  They also contain all 20 amino acids as well as essential minerals such as zinc, which supports the immune system, and magnesium and phosphorus for bone health.

The high content of Omega 6 in hemp seeds helps to stimulate hair growth, help brain function, regulate your metabolism and maintain bone health.  They can also help with digestive regularity and constipation due to their fibre content (10%- 15%).

These hemp seeds are certified organic, hulled and ready to use.   They have a mild nutty flavour and you can eat them raw or cook them over a low heat.  They’re also a natural appetite suppressant and help you feel fuller for longer and reduce food cravings.

Hemp has many environmental benefits and removes more CO2 from the air than trees.  Each year Hemp Foods Australia uses over 250 million hemp plants which removes over 7 million kilograms of CO2 from the air.

The sale of hemp products for human food consumption was legalised in Australia on 12th of November 2017.

This product does not contain psychoactive amounts of THC.

Australian Made & Owned | Certified Organic (ACO) | Hulled | Gluten Free | GMO Free


100% Certified Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds (GMO Free)


The seeds are hulled and ready to eat.   You can eat them raw or cook them over a low heat.  You can sprinkle the seeds on salads, yoghurts, smoothie bowls and cereals or add them to raw treats, granola bars, breads, pancakes and other baked goods.


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