Why We Love Hemp Foods

The word superfood is definitely thrown around a lot these days.  Maybe a little too freely in some instances.  But there is many foods that are worthy of the title and hemp foods are definitely one of them.

Hemp is one of the most nutritious plants on the planet.  The stats are pretty impressive – we’ll get into those soon.

Firstly though, we need to mention that hemp foods have been legalised for human consumption in Australia.  Finally!  Also hemp is often confused with marijuana, but hemp actually comes from varieties of the Cannabis plant species that contain only very low amounts of THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana.  Basically, it will not get you “high”.

Now that we have got that out of the way, let’s talk about these fantastic foods and supplements and why we love them.

Benefits of hemp

From natural health foods and supplements to skincare, hemp has many great uses and benefits.  It boasts high levels of protein and is the only food known to contain protein in the form our body uses for the immune system, Edestin and Albumin.  It also contains all 20 amino acids, including the 9 essential ones that our body cannot produce on its own, and it is rich in fibre, minerals and essential fatty acids.  There are several different ways in which hemp foods and supplements can benefit your health and these range from digestive support, weight loss and helping joint pain to promoting healthy hair and skin – among other things.


The different types of hemp foods and supplements

Hulled Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds have been hulled and are ready to eat straight from the packet.  We love Hemp Foods Australia Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds which are certified organic and grown here in Australia.  They have a mild nutty flavour and you can sprinkle them over your dishes or you can add them to raw treats and baked goods for an extra kick of nutrients.  Or, just eat them on their own for a quick snack that will help to keep you fuller for longer.



Hemp Flour

Sometimes called hemp fibre flour or hemp bran – this coarse flour is is an excellent source of dietary fibre.  One of our favourite brands is Hemp Foods Australia Organic Hemp Flour, just one serve of this contains over 60% of the average daily requirement of dietary fibre – that is equivalent to eating 4 apples!  Plus it is low in sugar and has many of the other nutritious properties that are found in hemp seeds.  You can add it to your dishes or smoothies and you can also use it to replace up to half the amount of normal flours when you are baking.

Hemp Protein

Hemp protein is one of the most beneficial and nutritious vegan and vegetarian proteins available.  Just to clarify, hemp protein is NOT the same as hemp flour.  It is a much finer powder that is protein focused and packed full all the amino acids.  One of our favourites is Hemp Foods Australia Organic Hemp Protein.  It is made by a natural process that does not use chemicals, solvents or heat and instead uses cold milling and sieving, guaranteeing that you get as much protein as possible in the most natural way.  This super fine powder has a mild flavour and blends well into smoothies and other foods

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is extracted from the hemp seeds and it has the ideal 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids which have many benefits for our health.  This versatile oil has a nutty flavour and can be used raw or at very low heats on many different dishes and in your smoothies and shakes.

It is also used in natural skincare products because it so moisturising and soothing.  We love the Cedar + Stone Hemp & Rose Foaming Cleanser and also the Cedar + Stone Tea Tree & Hemp Men’s Aftershave Oil.  You can also rub straight hemp oil onto your dry skin to moisturise and soothe it.



Other reasons we love hemp

Hemp is one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable crops grown.  It is naturally resistant to most pests, eliminating the need to use harsh pesticides and herbicides.  It also uses much less water than many other crops.

Not to mention the many different types of eco-friendly products that it is used to make such as fabrics, paper, bioplastic and building materials.

Honestly, what is there not to love about hemp?  If you are looking for a superfood that is worthy of the title than give hemp foods and supplements a try and see if you love them too.


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